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Choosing the Pendant Variation gives more options for the colour of your pick than the basic white rhodum plating. The same options can apply for using it for guitar playing but it is not recommended, as the colour will wear off after some period of use.

This elegant Silver Pick is inspired by the Empress of the Blues, Bessie Smith (1894-1937) who influenced the development of the blues in the early twentieth century.

Made of rhodium plated sterling silver 925

Dimensions: 30mm height, 0.6mm thickness

Our designs of the silver picks are based on famous pictures related to music history

Manufacturing process includes treatment by hand and laser engraving.

You can have it as a pendant or keychain by choosing the "pendant hole" variation

It comes in a cool carton jewelry box, as shown in the pictures

It’s a great gift idea for all guitar players and music lovers. In case you want the silver pick for a gift let us know, so we can make a gift wrap


Playing with a silver pick produces a deep and warm sound

You will really enjoy it for its unique effect when muting the strings

Not to mention the feeling in your hand!

Please feel free to contact us for any question

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